2208 Willetta in Hollywood Dell closed

This is 2208 Willetta in Hollywood Dell (the small neighborhood across the 101 from the Hollywood Bowl). I brought the buyers for it and it closed last week.  I'd like to thank my personal Santa Clauses, Mike Napolitano (our Dilbeck manager) and Dana Dukelow of Prospect Mortgage for getting this closed.  And I'd especially like to thank and congratulate the buyers, R&E, for their forbearance, wisdom, patience, and good humor during this very difficult escrow.  These two are champs, and really hung in during one of the worst transactions* of all time.  I wish you all good things in this house, R&E!

*This was one part of a three-part transaction involving Morse (see below).  I can't go into detail here without risking legal action, but if you want to phone me, I might be able to give you details.  Hint: if you call me, ask me about the lender on Morse.

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