Foreclosures and REOs - there is a differnce.

I'm often asked by potential property buyers if I will help them find a foreclosure. My buyer clients often think that these properties are offered for prices below market, and perhaps need just a little fixing to make them habitable. Umm, that's not quite correct.

First, there are two delicious flavors of foreclosure: plain foreclosure and REO. The differences bear repeating. A foreclosure property has not had its mortgage or other obligations paid in several months, and the lending institution is in the process of taking the home back from the owner. There are several stages to this; and the foreclosure can be "cured" at any of these stages. If the default is not cured by a certain date, the house usually goes to a trustee sale, which is often held on county courthouse steps. Very important to know: these homes are not on the multiple listing service, but you can find them on paid sites like Anybody can go and bid on a house at a trustee sale, but potential buyers will have to exceed the amounts owed to the lender on the property.

An REO stands for "real estate owned" -- by the lending institution that held the defaulted mortgage. This designation comes at the trustee sale when nobody has outbid the bank (frequently, nobody does). The lending institution now owns the property. The lending institution will eventually place the now-vacant home with a Realtor, and it will be available on the multiple listing service. And here's more bad news: once it goes on the multiple listing service, it usually goes out at market prices as well. There aren't usually deep discounts.

Yes, there are other details, and sometimes homes go for auction. (See post below.) But these are the main differences.

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