Houses I saw in Toluca Lake and Burbank this week

Okay, we're finished with the digression from the last post and are back to really discussing real estate. Whew. The first listing that I saw this week (pictured above) was 4445 Cartwright #104, Toluca Lake.  It is listed for $259,000.  This is a very nice, very big condo in a very old (1963) building.  Although the building is dated, it’s immaculate.  You can really see where the HOA monies are going.  The condo has been painted, carpeted and spiffed up too and is quite large for a one bedroom.  Downside: the patio “screens” are cinder block.  Why did any designers ever think this was a good idea?

The nicest house I saw this week is 508 Groton, Burbank 91504, listed for $609k.  Yes, the picture on the mls is that teeny; I don't know why. It’s very plain vanilla from the outside but has been completely redone inside, and is in an excellent neighborhood.  2 beds, 2 baths, 1494 sq. ft. on a 7400 sf. lot.  I hope there’s some room in that price.

423 N. Naomi, Burbank 91505 is typical of many Burbank homes in that it has had a lot of square footage added to the original house. Actually, it feels a little cobbled together. It has 3 beds, 2 baths, lots of gleaming wood floors and paneling, a den with built in day beds, etc.  I think it is listed for $539k.  I asked the open house host why there wasn’t a price on the flyer, and he said, “We never put prices on flyers anymore.  That way, we don’t have to change anything when the price goes down.”  Okay.

345 N. Sparks, Burbank 91506 is a 2+2 listed at $499k.  It’s the home of the fat kitty from the previous post (see picture and post below).  The front landscaping is gorgeous (although the mls description says “Greeting you with a zest of colorful landscaping…” – what did they do, grind a few lemons over the front yard?).  It has an added on den and needs a little spiffing up inside – paint, etc, but the kitchen is pretty big.  The driveway to the garage is really narrow.

521 Irving Drive, Burbank 91504, above, also has a terrific location and seems well-priced at $565k.  It’s a 3+2 with 1436 sf, and a 7400 sf lot and would need some updating, but for somebody with an eye for design and the talent to remodel it, it might work.  The Xmas lights can come down any time now.

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