Outstanding property of the week in Sherman Oaks

The picture is not good, but I had the rare pleasure of showing this 3-acre property yesterday at 15036 Marble in Sherman Oaks (listed for $1,700,000). That's right; three acres. With a house. And views to forever. On a private drive. Right in the heart of Los Angeles. I didn't know such a thing even existed.

The house is nice and has lots of wood accents. It's kind of 70's and probably any new owner would want to contemporize it. But the really special thing is the land. I thought I was in a hilly oak grove in Santa Ynez -- it seemed that private. The owner has put little outside features here and there like railroad-tie steps, hammocks and picnic tables. Although an owner could cut the top of the hill off and put a mansion up there, it would take a lot of engineering. Personally, I think the highest and best use of the property would be to leave the land as is --as your own personal Neverland. 

I promise to stop gushing and give you all my usually-jaundiced view of the local market soon.

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