Save the Rancho in Burbank

The Burbank Rancho neighborhood is one of the city's most unique features, especially if you're a horse or horse owner.  The homes are zoned (most of them) to allow the stabling and boarding of horses in the back yard.  There are Griffith Park riding trails close by, and the neighborhood blends into the Glendale Rancho area.  It is also home to the L.A. Equestrian Center.  The residents are understandably very protective of the Rancho and have faced -- and beaten -- challenges to development over the years.

Now, the GM training facility in the neighborhood has been sold, and the new developer wants to put up a 50-unit detached condo complex.  Most of the Rancho neighbors object as it affects the neighborhood's character and is just too damned big.  Last night's Burbank City Council held public comments on the issue and predictably, it was running about 20-0 against the project (some of the comments were, uh, very um, racist inappropriate).  The objecting area residents seem to favor an equine hospital instead.  If you'd like to learn more about this issue, please visit  Where do I stand? I understand why developers like big projects -- it's more money for them.  But why do cities like big projects? Why must all development be big, with all of bigness's attendant problems? If not the horse vet center, why not, say, 10 homes zoned for horses, such as the Dincara Street development?

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