Two sales to start the new year off

This week, I closed sales on two homes that were contingent on each other.  If you're not familiar, that means that the close of escrow of one house is dependent upon the close of escrow of another (and the transfer of funds, of course).

Buyers Jessica and Sam owned 2101 N. Rose in Burbank (the yellow house).  They needed to sell it in order to buy 931 N. Orchard in Burbank (the sage house).  The Orchard sellers would not accept our offer until Rose was in escrow.  Yikes!  So Jess and Sam (and their two little kids) worked their fannies off getting Rose ready over Thanksgiving weekend.  I had recently been in several multiple offer situations for buyers with houses of about the same size and price, so I contacted the other agents who also had clients for the multiple-offer deals to tell them about this house.  We had it sold before it officially went on the market the Monday after Thanksgiving.  Whew!

And then we opened escrow on Orchard.  Orchard is a very nice expansion/flip (coincidentally, I had brought an offer on it for other clients when it was a short sale earlier in the year). Of course, we had to compete with other offers, but it all worked out. Thanks, listing agent Desi Kepe, who worked with us throughout to make this happen.  But a really big shout-out to clients Jess and Sam, who performed above and beyond the call of client duty on both transactions.  I hope you're very happy in the new house, guys.

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