I've joined a new real estate company!

Yesterday, I ended my eight-year long association with Dilbeck Realtors and joined Aaroe + Williamson, a division of John Aaroe Group.  My new office will be in Sherman Oaks, but I'll still be covering Burbank homes for sale, Studio City real estate, Toluca Lake, Toluca Terrace, Glendale, Hollywood Hills, North Hollywood, Valley Village, Valley Glen and Sherman Oaks real estate.  And of course, as needed, Pasadena, Eagle Rock, the West San Fernando Valley, Silverlake, downtown L.A., etc., etc.  I cover the waterfront for my clients.

It was difficult to leave Dilbeck Realtors.  I've been in that office for 8 years (10 if you count when it was Coldwell Banker) and the people there are like family to me.  I know that's cliche to say, but it's true.  I have been very comfortable there.  Too comfortable.  I am ready for new real estate challenges, a new outlook, and new clients, and the John Aaroe Group fits the bill. (Call me or email me offline if you want more details.) I'm thrilled to be with r.e. geniuses John Aaroe's and Michael Williamson's relatively new real estate company.

For those of you that are curious, yes, I investigated other brokerages (again, email me offline...), including Redfin. I think Redfin may indeed be the wave of the real estate future, but I was not ready to jettison my own online presence -- and that includes blogging for you, dear reader.  But I hope to become a "partner" agent for Redfin once my feet are on the ground at JAG.

I don't have a new phone number yet, but if you would like to contact me, please call me on my cell, email me or answer here.  And please wish me luck!

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