Luxe resort -- at private home in Encino?

Here's the fanciest house I saw this week -- and it's in the flatter part of Encino.  Looks like a resort, no? It's at 17941 Rancho and is listed for $1,299,000 (It's a short sale and according to listing agent, the gap between what's owed and the current value is $500,000.  Yikes!). It has 5 beds, 3 baths and 4172 square feet and currently is being used as a rental.  Of course, the house is lovely, it has a big built-out kitchen with high end appliances, etc. It also has a built-in many-thousand-dollar espresso machine.  Really? Do people like espresso that much? But anyway...

The really special feature is the backyard and pool.  It looks just like a  resort pool -- seriously, you'd think you were in Puerto Vallarta or at least Scottsdale.  As you can see, it has a waterfall.  And a big water slide.  And a swim-up bar.  There are 3 built-in barbecues, a regulation-something sports court, a backyard powder room, and a separate, private shower.  If you owned this house, it would almost be criminal NOT to entertain ALL THE TIME.  Too bad the city won't allow "day" resorts.  That certainly seems like it would be the highest and best use of this property.

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