Let's be careful out there in Studio City and Van Nuys

From a forwarded email:

Hi everybody:

An agent in the Studio City office forwarded this email from a friend

Monday to warn us about

a dangerous man in the area. Please read the email below with the

expectation you will take

extra precaution.

"Please pass this along to your friends, family and co-workers in the

L.A./Valley areas!

I am sending this out to friends in the area to be extra-aware. There is

a serious criminal who

has car-jacked three women in the last two weeks in the Valley (two in

Studio City and one in

Van Nuys). I was one of the victims (see below). This man was just

released from a maximum

security prison and is a junkie. He is about 6'5" tall, black hair down

to his waist (it was

in a pony tail), appears either Hispanic or American Indian, and is

suspected to be in the

North Hollywood area. Each case was a woman alone, sometimes pumping


Last Friday evening, I was car-jacked while exiting the CVS at Laurel

Canyon and Ventura Blvds.

in Studio City. Thank God, I'm OK (only a big bruise) but he got my car,

purse, keys and all my

ID. Studio City is considered a safe area, and there were lots of people

around at the time.

This was a brazen act of opportunity by a dangerous man.

Please spread the word, and take extra care. I am extremely cautious,

but let me tell you it

only took 10 seconds..."

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