West Hollywood condos -- what I saw

I had the opportunity to view several West Hollywood condos for a client over the weekend.  All of the units were under $350,000 (yes!), had an HOA fee of under $500, and had just one bedroom.  All were in high-rise buildings.

You expect me to bash, right? No!  All of the units were lovely and clean, although small by current standards (700 to 800 square feet).  All of the buildings were stunningly well-kept up (as the former president of an HOA, this is not as easy as you'd think) and the common entries were as clean as operating rooms.  The pools were sparkling, the patio furniture new, the plants were groomed and green...

Here's what you don't get, however.  Most units were too small for a washer/dryer, although all of the buildings had common laundry rooms.  Oh, and you can't have any friends visit you, ever, unless they walk to your house, bike to you (dangerous) or parachute in, because parking is so extremely limited everywhere in West Hollywood.  I did manage to turn my car off close to my destination four times, which I understand is some kind of record. But still, if you can manage to get around, there's no better area for cool restaurants and other destinations.

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