229 N. Beachwood in Burbank closed last week

This is 229 N. Beachwood.  It was a flip, and was purchased by my wonderful clients Scott and Robin.  The escrow went off without a hitch (what a nice change)!

You may remember Beachwood when it was on the market in 2012.  That's it, above.  It was, uh, fanciful.  Whimsical.  With halls leading to dead-end rooms.  Everything was painted a different color.  There were lots of cats (my fave!).  The flippers who bought it opened it up, redid the landscape, kitchen and bathrooms, and flooring but kept lots of the character features.  My clients fell in love when they saw it.  

The flipper group were also very willing to address all issues that came up during the inspection (not uncommon with a flip).  Thanks, Mike Toledo, for being so heads up.  And Scott and Robin, how will you decorate all that new space?

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