News of the week: 5227 Denny #101 is still available! And more...

Do you know anybody looking to buy in Noho? Or anybody that simply wants a gorgeous three-bedroom condo? Consider 5227 Denny #101, pictured above.  Yes, it's 3 beds, 2 baths, fireplace, big newer kitchen, bamboo floors, 2 extra storage spaces, 2 patios, and much more in one of L.A.'s coolest neighborhoods.  It is listed for $420,000 and the HOA fees are $261/month.  I can usually arrange a showing with just a bit of advance notice.

In other news, prices are still going up and inventory is still down.  It looks like small (under 1,000 sf) homes across the east San Fernando Valley are hitting the $500,000+ mark now.

And Realtors are continuing to list properties low and then entertain multiple offers and bidding wars.  One client set has been waiting a week now to hear about their offer, which they increased from the original price.

Stansbury is in escrow.

In more upbeat news, I will likely have a small house listed in Burbank soon, along with a 3+2 in Noho that's currently being fixed up.  These may be on the market later this month; just not sure yet.  There may be one coming in Valley Glen, too.

I met a friend and former client at the lounge at Amarano last night and it was swinging! With a chic, younger (than me) set, of course.  Amarano is a boutique hotel right on the border of Burbank and Toluca Lake.  It's a really classy place and we had lots of fun.  My only criticism is that they could improve their house Cabernet.

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