Novo Cafe in Toluca Lake

Are you doing carbs this week? Tried out Novo Cafe in Toluca Lake with friend and former client Kerri last night and it was terrific.  It looks like an unassuming coffee place and yes, they have coffee, snacks and pastries that are ordered at the counter.  But they also make their own pasta, and offer many pasta dishes at lunch and dinner.  Although I had the beef ragu with papardelle (delicious) there are many entrees for vegans and vegetarians, too.   And, essential for my dining experience, they have wine and beer.  The entrees are ordered at the counter and brought by the enthusiastic wait staff.  Dishes are bare bones -- no salad or bread unless you order those on the side -- but with the low prices nobody should mind not eating even more carbs.  The address is 3900 W. Riverside.

Novo Cafe in Toluca Lake Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: jembe