Would you buy a hoarder's home? Somebody will.

Yesterday's NY Times had a very interesting article about selling a hoarder's home.  Yes, it sold.  It was on Park Avenue in NYC and went for over a million dollars.  Click the link here for the article.

Over the years, I've had two hoarder listings.  In each, the hoarders were really lovely, intelligent people who were not distressed in any other way.

The first was in an apartment building for sale in North Hollywood, and the buyer-investor didn't care as long as the tenant-hoarder paid the rent on time.  The tenant had her stuff piled up very neatly and had made paths through it.  The "walls" on either side of the paths were so high that I could barely see over them.

The other place was owned by two very brilliant people who just couldn't see how much junk they had.  They were willing to work through it, though.  With the help of family, they actually threw stuff away.  They filled eight City of Glendale dumpsters from a 1200 ft. Glendale house.  It didn't hurt that they were moving out of state.

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