Trulia scam for rentals with two extra-creepy bonus details!

1034 N. Evergreen in Burbank got a lot of activity this week and not all of it was good.  I began to get calls from people looking to rent the property, which was for sale.  They all told me they'd seen rental info on the internet, specifically mega real estate listings site Trulia.  And the property was going for $1,100 a month.  That's so low I'd rent it myself.

The folks who responded on line then got an email back from somebody purporting to be the owner, in Africa, along with a rental application.  Yup, typical phishing scam.

I called Trulia, and they were most helpful in taking down the rental listing.  I also wrote back to the fake owner and told him/her that if they didn't stop, I'd report them to the FBI.  It appears that it's down as I haven't gotten any calls lately.

Extra-creepy detail #1: during this, the owners woke up at 7:30 to a woman poking around their backyard.  Yes, she was a prospective tenant.

Extra-creepy detail #2: The name of the supposed landlord was the name of my seller's ex-husband.  She hasn't spoken with him in many years and he was never on title.  How did the scam artists get his name and use it in an email? Ewwww.

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