I can finally recommend movers - Delancey Street

I've never recommended a moving company before.  So many are so flaky, and I've heard horror stories from my clients. But after our move to Studio City, I can give Delancey Street an unqualified recommendation.

Kerri Wong, former client and friend, had told me about this bunch.  She has used them four times.  Delancey isn't just a moving company, they are a non-profit rehab foundation that helps ex-convicts and former addicts turn their lives around.  Four guys showed up early with a can-do attitude.

They were incredibly professional and pleasant.  They ran up and down two sets of stairs with heavy boxes to save us time (movers charge by the hour).  Not a single thing was broken, left behind or chipped.  They also were very observant about placement -- my clothes were rehung the correct way (I know; #firstworldproblems), the right pictures got into the right rooms, and some small appliances were plugged in to the approximate places they'd been plugged into in the move-from house.  All in all, it took five hours and cost us less than comparable movers.

The movers were great ambassadors for Delancey Street Foundation, which has several locations across the country (see below for a pic of the NY headquarters) and engages in several business enterprises.  The local chapter is located in Montebello and the number is 323-890-2300. I so wish the people the best of luck in their future lives -- Delancey is obviously helping them make great progress.

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